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Meat Sauce Infuser - shopaholicsonlyco
Meat Sauce Infuser - shopaholicsonlyco
Meat Sauce Infuser - shopaholicsonlyco
Meat Sauce Infuser - shopaholicsonlyco

Meat Sauce Infuser

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Meat tenderizer sauce marinate injector - 2 in 1 syringe marinate meat injector to enhance the flavor and 30 stainless steel needles for softening meat.

Prepare bbq, chicken marinade, steak marinade, roast beef marinade, barbecue marinades, pork butt injection (or any meat dish) like a seasoned chef with the All-Around Meat Tenderizer & Sauce Injector!

Sounds too good to be true? Gone are the days you have to settle for bland-tasting, unchewable meat in your steak! It's now possible to effectively pulverize any kind of meat, and inject it with rich flavors.

Pull out the plunger and pour marinade or sauce into the tube. Then put the plunger into the tube and press it. You can also put the marinade in a container and suck the marinade from the container. The marinade or sauce will permeate into the meat when you tender it. 

Pull out the plunger first and then pour clean warm water with detergent into the tube and press the water eject from the needle. Repeat this action several times, the last several times use the clean water without detergent. Use a clean towel to dry the water after cleaning and store it in a cool dry place kids can't access.

Material: stainless steel and plastic 
Dimensions: 3.7×9×3 inches (9.5×23.5×7.5cm) 
Injector tube: 3 fluid ounces (88.72ml) 

Package include: 1 × 2-in-1 Meat Tenderizer and 3 Oz Flavor Injector 

  • TENDERIZE AND FLAVORIZE AT THE SAME TIME - This ingenious gadget allows you to safely tenderize and flavorize your meat at the same time. With its fast and flavorful results, our Flavor Enhancer is going to be your favorite flavor-adding tool in the kitchen!
  • 304 STAINLESS STEEL - Perfect for intensifying the flavor of roasts, steaks, chops, brisket, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, goose, duck, and more! Durable and sharp, the needles puncture any meat or poultry with ease, ensuring you can enrich the taste of tough or thick cuts.
  • EASY TO USE AND SAVING TIME - Try your meat tenderizer on any cut boneless meat, enjoy deeper and quicker penetration of marinades up to 40% reduced cooking time and even cooking throughout chicken and other meats with uneven thicknesses.
  • 3-oz LARGE CAPACITY BARREL - Minimizes refills, a sturdy marinade injector plunger offers improved pressure control, and the ring handle gives you a better grip for optimum comfort. Super quick and easy to disassemble, this premium quality meat marinade injector is also dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a piece of cake!

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