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The Solar Care - External Battery - 30,000mah Power Bank

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🌞⚡️This incredible waterproof solar charging Power Bank is an absolute necessity for people who love to be in the outdoors, and are always on the go, especially when it comes to saving electricity. This environmentally friendly solar power bank is extremely durable and has many different features. ⚡️

Exquisite workmanship, high capacity 
Stylish, portable ,user-friendly and durable for on the go use.
High capacity,solar powered,environmentally-friendly.
Emergency charger for cell phone and other compatible devices.
Dual USB port, enable to charge 2 different interface accessories

Meet an emergency: When you go outside or power cuts, you also can use your mobile phone with solar energy. 

Type: Solar Power Charger
Connectivity: USB
Battery capacity: 30000mah
Solar Panel: 1.2W
Input voltage: DC 5V 1A
Output 1: 5V 1A
Output 2: 5V 2.1A
Color: Black,Blue,Green, Orange, Yellow

Kindly note: 
1. In order to fully activate the battery, please charge it via outlet or computer for 10 hours at least at the first 2-3 uses. 
2. The energy transformation from solar to electricity is rather slow and the solar charging speed is subject to sunlight intensity and panel conversion rate. In daily life, we highly recommend charge it via wall outlet. 
3. Fully charging by outlet takes approximately 10 hours. Do not charge it all day nor over voltage. 
4. For safety, DO NOT leave the power bank charging in car in case of high temperature and avoid crashing. Do not make charge while charging itself. Please charge item through wall outlet for the first time. 
5. Fully charging by solar takes approximately 48 hours or more.

Package included:
1 x Dual USB Solar Power Charger
1 x USB Charge Cable

According to different conditions, Battery capacity can be divided into actual capacity, theoretical capacity, also called rated capacity.
Battery capacity refers to the battery storage capacity. 
The unit is "mAh", 1Ah = 1000mAh, so there are some differences between rated capacity and actual capacity in Li-ion Battery. 

It is normal and reasonable.

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